To My Younger Self

I have been forcing to travel from place to place due to my family situation since I started memorizing things. So I want to describe how my attitude toward travel changed through out these years. Also want to send out a message to the younger me, and of course the others who are also suffering from that anxious feeling.



I don't like traveling since I was a child. It always feels scary when I have to adapt to a new

environment once again. But I have no choice but to move with my family. Even when I grew up,

I am afraid of whether I can fit well into the new culture or not. Most of the time, I feel I don't

belong to anywhere when I am within a crowd. It is an uncertainty of don't know where to go and

also a fear of losing everything.

However, when I look back, I realized I received so much from these journeys: the cultures, the

experiences, and of course, the love from people.

So I want to tell my younger self: don't worried about the future and don't be sad about saying

goodbye to the people you love. Because you will soon figure out nobody can take them away.

Be brave to welcome the next journey, because there are always new chapters in your life waiting for you.

After Effect, Photoshop, Procreate

June, 2020



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