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Love and Care for Our Pets

Love and Care for Our Pets is an infographic about how people misunderstanding how to love our beloved pets. Thus this video aims to provoke some right ways of how to take care of our pets. At the same time also educates the public what kind of action might be harmful to our pets.


We all love our pets, just like they are members of our family. We provide them with the best and share the love with them. But have you noticed? Sometimes the way you love your pets is wrong and may be harmful to them. It usually causes tragedy when our unintentional behaviors become abuse. For example, lots of people believe if they provide as much food as they can, their pets will grow up healthy both physically and mentally. However, overfeeding will eventually lead to many disorders in pets, and worse, shorten their lifespan. Pet abuse does not only include those intentional actions. Issues like this are also counted as pet abuses that many of us do not realize.


None of us want to hurt our pets. So, before you decide to keep a pet, learn more information about animals. Remember, they are not human, and they will need unique treatments in many aspects. They need not only our love but also our care.

After Effect, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Voice Over: Ramsey Bennett

Music: Wildflowers - Thomas Greenberg

October, 2019


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