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Journey Under the Midnight Sun

Journey Under the Midnight Sun (白夜行 Byakuyakō) is a mystery novel written by Keigo Higashino, first serialized in the monthly novel magazine Subaru from Shueisha from January 1997 to January 1999. The entire volume was published in August 1999 and became a bestseller.


The story primarily concerns itself with the effects of this incident on two people: Ryoji Kirihara, the pawnbroker's son, and Yukiho Nishimoto, Fumiyo's daughter. The novel avoids directly revealing the two's thoughts to the reader, instead preferring to reveal information second-hand through the viewpoints of multiple other supporting characters whose lives intersect to form a complete picture of the story's events.

These are styleframes of its title sequence, the texts showed in the designs is a quote from the novel:

“There never was a sun in the sky over me. It’s always night. But not dark. I had something in place of the sun. Maybe not as bright, but enough for me. Enough so I was able to live in the night like it was day…”




November, 2019


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